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Business purpose

The purposes of The Tree Partner Company Group as a whole are
>   to purchase, establish, and maintain agricultural and forestry plantations in a sustainable manner,
>    to land for forestry operations,
>    to process and trade with agricultural and forestry products, particularly with tropical hardwoods.

Reforestation protects the rain forest
We reforest fallow pasture land according to strict ecological and social criteria. Plantations as such cannot replace the rain forest, but help to protect it by alleviating the pressure on existing rain forests by increasing the supply of precious wood from certified forestry operations. We also offer socially responsible jobs in regions where there is little other work.

Organic and secured growth
One of the basic principles of The Tree Partner Company is to grow organically and work with our own assets. We only plant trees and establish plantations when the financing has been secured until the final harvest. The necessary capital is put aside.
We refrain from tele-marketing, glossy brochures and expensive films. Our administrative expenses are very lean.